Mon & Gary Pre-Wedding Behind-The-Scenes

//Pre-Wedding, BTS Video

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The funniest part of our job is to edit the behind-the-scenes video for every newlywed-to-be! It makes us recall the happy and unforgettable moments during the shooting trip. To the couple, it’s like a good summary of the pre-honeymoon; to MC and myself, it’s like a good memory of the happy time spent with every pair of couple! So, we love it!

Remember the sweet macaroons, fresh oysters, hot-creamy latte!?! Apart from good food, I also like the styling of Mon as a Chinese Doll, her outfit, her makeup, hair, and the hairpiece…so beautiful!!!

And the thing that we should not forget is the stunning sunset we had at Brighton Beach. It was freezing cold, but it’s worthwhile shaking our cold body under the strong wind to shoot there!

Mon & Gary, see the video and photos and I’m sure you will agree it’s priceless to have all these scenes once in our lives! Once again, congratulations Mon & Gary, as you both are turning a new chapter of your lives!

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia