Rain & John Pre-Wedding Behind-The-Scenes

//Pre-Wedding, BTS Video

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In my eyes, Rain & John are a pair of sweet, easy going, humorous couple. SHE is a pianist & HE is a violinist…a PERFECT MATCH talented couple, aren’t they?

After you watch this behind-the-scenes video, I guess everyone might have the same question as I do…”how would they look like when they are performing on the stage?”…should be highly concentrated and with a serious face? I could hardly imagine coz both of them always carry a smiley face and shared a lot of funny jokes and moments with us during the trip. (I must go watch their performance one day!)

“It feels so good it must be LOVE…” As it tells from the lyrics and video, every time you watch this, it may trigger your love memories you had during the shooting trip in Paris.

We truly enjoyed the stay and shooting with you, Rain & John! On the other way round, hope you will enjoy this video that MC and myself made for you. =)

P.S. How come MC would allow the pigeon standing on his head for so long? I guess he must be too INTO the shoot and didn’t realize its existence at all!!! haha…


Location: Paris, France